If you love watching meaningful short films, you’ll love ‘Backfire’, a short film based on a true story.


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For filmmakers looking to showcase their quality work

Note: I’ve no association of any kind with Koldcast.tv. Such projects, providing excellent video entertainment (great for watching on tablets, but the programs look even better on a 24″ full hd display) should be supported by all.

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What Some U.S. Businesses Can Do In A Doubtful Outlook For Consumer Spending | Askoli Blog.

We Speak the Language of Love

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Happy Pakistan Day to the whole world!



Pakistan, a nation that speaks the language of love & freedom



a nation that is sacrificing for global peace.


So, people of the world, respect
the country and the countrymen

This Bitch Does Kill!

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Pure Entertainment Pictures presents

This Bitch Does Kill!
A mini web series on hazards of smoking

Episode 1: The Wish
Ali, a long-time heavy smoker, dies in the very first episode to show us that smoking does kill.

Episode 2: Don’t or Die
Zubair, apartment-mate of Ali, dies in this episode to show us that smoking does kill.

Series Finale: Before the Killings (with a beautiful song by Josh Woodward towards the end of the episode)
Some people just don’t seem to understand that smoking does kill, even if it kills a good friend right in front of their eyes.


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All Rights, Except Those of The Song by Josh Woodward, Who is Owner of the Song’s All Rights, Reserved.

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 Screenwriting Instinct

Although it seems obvious that one would love to do their hobby, the work that interests them most or the work they feel is pretty natural to them, it is a fact that some people are unable to do so because of quite an unbelievable, basic reason:

They simply haven’t explored themselves enough to find something that they are naturally talented or gifted ones in.

Yes, it is indeed the case with some people. This is also what the command “Know Thy Self” was for. Moreover, a lot of people have written ‘still discovering’ in the about me area of their online profiles.

If you are one of those people, I would like to bring your attention to what some would say ‘the solution from an unexpected place while the place is not at all strange’ – thoughts… in terms of movies.

Screenwriting Inspiration

If you have noted it at some point in your life that your mind sometimes, often, or all the time thinks of a fictional event (or fictional events) or an imaginary person (or imaginary persons) as you see or after seeing any object, person or scenery such as the  royalty-free photo from GettyImages.com above, you have a good reason to think that you have the ability to think in terms of movies or you do possess the screenwriting instinct.

Screenwriting is really all about stories and characters (and their telling, of course). It takes inspiration and creativity to create them, and screenwriting and inspiration & creativity go hand in hand. That means, if you are a creative person, you have fulfilled the most primitive requirement of being a screenwriter.

There is a photo album I have set up on this space of mine. The album is titled "Greats of Screen Industry." It can be found in the upper right area on this very page. I would like to encourage you to click on it and see the pictures there.

You will find pictures of posters of some of the greatest Hollywood movies of all time there along with the pictures of some of the A-List Hollywood actors also.

Thelma and Louise

If by watching the picture of the movie Thelma and Louise for example, your mind pops up the memories of the film as to what was the story and who were the characters, and you could tell that your mind, after or as you watched the movie, thought about the incidents other than those happened to the characters in the movie happening to the characters and/or your mind thought of the characters other than the actual characters of the movie going through the exact same incidents as depicted in the movie, then you, for sure, have the instinct to write movies.

That goes without saying that even Now, if, as you see or after seeing the photo of the movie for example, your mind imagines (or wishes) different, more interesting events happening to the characters of the movie Thelma and Louise or different, more interesting characters going through the exact same events of the movie, or simply if your mind can imagine, or better, often imagines out of nowhere any interesting incidents or people with interesting characteristics, then there is no doubt that you have what it takes to take screenwriting on as your hobby, the work that interests you most or the work you are naturally talented in. And you can know that you have the screenwriting instinct.

The best part is, as with all types of hobbies, with little or some efforts, you can use this natural talent of yours to reach a stage where you get paid to do what you love doing and are naturally talented in.