This Bitch Does Kill!

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Health and wellness

Pure Entertainment Pictures presents

This Bitch Does Kill!
A mini web series on hazards of smoking

Episode 1: The Wish
Ali, a long-time heavy smoker, dies in the very first episode to show us that smoking does kill.

Episode 2: Don’t or Die
Zubair, apartment-mate of Ali, dies in this episode to show us that smoking does kill.

Series Finale: Before the Killings (with a beautiful song by Josh Woodward towards the end of the episode)
Some people just don’t seem to understand that smoking does kill, even if it kills a good friend right in front of their eyes.


Copyright (C) 2010-2011. Pure Entertainment Pictures (Pvt) Ltd.
All Rights, Except Those of The Song by Josh Woodward, Who is Owner of the Song’s All Rights, Reserved.

Besides making electrifying screen programs with meaningful
entertainment paying special attention at emotionally satisfying and
logically convincing the viewer, Pure Entertainment Pictures (Pvt) Ltd.
offers innovative screen marketing services.


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